Master the art of defining your brand message.

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Master thr art of defining your brand message.

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We make it easy to deliver your message effectively.

Deliver your message effectively.

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Build a brand that people want.

You know the value of your venture, but what about everyone else? In order to build a successful company you need to develop a brand that resonates with your customer archetype. The State of Startup can help you convey your brand message so the right people will listen

Solidify The Mission

We take the brand you’ve built so far and isolate the core mission that drives the company. 

Define The Customer

We identify the salient attributes that your ideal customer archetype will resonate with.

Develop The Message

We break down your call-to-action and translate it into the proper message for your customers.

What Is A Brand Message?

A brand message is more than just a slogan or a headline. It is a guiding framework that influences how all copy is scripted, what keywords are used, and is used throughout all 



Why Is The Right Brand Message Important?

When a company breaks into the market place, customers don’t know anything about your brand. There is hardly a trace of customer satisfaction or product/service quality. In order to get customers to trust your brand you must appeal to early adopters who are willing to take a risk on your products or services. 

Can You Afford Not To Have Video?

Over 750,000,000 people are watching video on social platforms and websites everday.

  • Internet trafic in 2017 involving video engagement. 74%
  • Customers that search for product or service videos before buying. 50%
  • Consumers that feel product demos are helpful. 80%
  • Amount of people who consume online video everyday. 55%
  • Video can increase lead conversion on landing pages by: 80%

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