Video Services for Growth and Engagement

Made for Social Sharing

Our packages include separate video files that are formatted for different social sharing sites.

Full Service Solution

You can expect storyboarding, scripting, production, and complimentary hosting for your video.

Best Bang for the Buck

Our video packages give your the power to have quality video content without break the bank.


Templated Designs

We offer templated packages that cater to the intended audience and the purpose of the video.

High Definition Content

All of our packages provide full 1080p – high definition resolution video recordings.

Social Media Inspired

The packages that we’ve designed were created using with social media viewership in mind.

Social Shorts

This service is designed to contiunously produce content for your social media channels. You pick 3, 4, or 5 videos a month, of which ever styles you like.

Do It Yourself (DIYs)

Presentation or tutorial of how to make or do something. Normally aimed towards amateurs and novices for the purpose of breaking down seemingly complex hobbies or crafts.

Short Docs

Documentary styled, short interviews of satisfied customers, respected community members, expert enthusiasts, etc., for the purpose of creating awareness and showcasing company impact through testimony.

eLearning Segments

Informative segment that provides tips, facts, insights, or new outlooks on popular and relevant topics. Involves a main speaker or host that covers the subject matter in an engaging way.


Quirky video segments that illustrate some from of satirical situation. This style of footage is used for the purpose of associating brands with humor and building comedic rapport with target segments.

Story Line

Demonstration, and sometimes a review, of how a product operates and why its different then competitor brands. Designed to inform about and introduce customers to a product in hopes of eventual purchase..

One and Dones

These packages generally serve as the promotional center piece for campaign strategies or advertising directives, and are normally purchased on an as needed basis.

Pitch Deck

The Pitch Deck Package is our top-tier video service that produces a video segment highlighting key information points that would be relevant to investors. This package will cover in depth information about our company’s business model, market potential, financial standing, value proposition, and any other KPI that may be insightful to the relevant audience.


The CTA Package is our basic video service that offers a short promotional video that is meant to showcase your company’s current call-to-action, initiative, etc. This package is designed to portray the key elements of your product or service in a way that customers will develop an understanding of the value provided by your company, while also tying in your company’s action item.

Story Line

The Story Line Package is our mid-tier video service that offers a documentary style video that is meant to showcase company goals and impacts. The expected outcome of this package is a 2-3 minute long video that develops a rapport with your audience, outlines the emotional or ethical appeals of your company, and spotlight notrworthy efforts or investments.